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Diwali Dinner 2009

Karamsad..Land of an Iron man

The birth date of Karamsad or when Karamsad came into existence is not exactly known, but during the era of Kumarpal i.e. in 1155 A.D., the village consisted mainly of people from Koli and other backward tribes. This community lacked proper agricultural skills.
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Karamsad Today

Karamsad has a resident population of around 25,000 people and is located in the district of Anand.Karamsad was the birthplace of Sardar Patel, the 1st Home Minister after India gained independence. A special memorial gardens was opened to celebrate the life of Sardar Patel. Originally Karamsad had one English Medium school for both girls and boys. Recently Pramukh Swami opened a residential school for girls on the outskirts of the village called Swaminarayan Vidyapith.
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